What you should know about hamster housing


Hamster owners know how important it is to make their cage look like a cozy little place where they can have lots of fun, sleep, eat, and repeat.

When I first bought my hamster I was clueless about so many aspects. In time, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two after observing my rodent in action.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the cage of the hamster. It’s better to invest in a spacious one because, if you decide to get a new team player, they must have room enough to share. However, you need to understand that hamsters are quite solitary and territorial and need their own cage.

Syrian hamsters require the best hamster cage that needs to feature at least 2 cubic feet or free room. Because they are lone creatures that don’t like to be disturbed, you need to keep them alone from the others.

I think it’s better to get separate cages if you breed more than one hamster. If you find this solution a tad pricey, you can always purchase large plastic containers and use them as cages.

The main reason you should provide your hamster a roomy cage is that you can clean it up easily. Also, to reduce the chances of your pet getting agitated or bored which is a problem since it can lead to serious compulsive behavior.


If you don’t know where to put your hamster and your space is somehow limited, you need to know that there are several types of cages to choose from. Depending on your hamster specie, each has their own personal preferences. For example, a wire hamster cage that features a bottom made of plastic is a common choice that doesn’t cost much.

If you like dwarf hamsters and you want to get a young one you should buy a compartmentalized cage that looks like a maze.

Another option is the aquarium that is outfitted with a mesh wire lid that you can take it off when you want to feed them.

You shouldn’t overlook the ventilation factor. It’s imperative that hamsters get as much fresh air as possible, otherwise, they risk getting sick. Unfortunately, some cage models that are made of plastic prevent a proper airflow. This is a common issue for aquariums, even though they provide a small level of protection against the cool air.

We all know how important is to ensure our little hamsters spends its time in a tidy room. Therefore, we must do consistent cleanups in order to remove the debris and the residuals left from food. Larger cages are a tad easier to clean but they more time than smaller units.

I need to point out that you need to make sure your hamster can’t escape the cage. So, measure the space between each bar and make sure it’s no more than 0.5 inches for Syrian hamsters and 0.25 inches for dwarf hamsters.


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