What do hamsters eat?


Hamsters are not particularly pretentious when it comes to what food they eat because they pretty much eat anything. If you get a pet hamster, you should focus on providing your little friend with varied foods, to keep it healthy and happy. In the wild, hamsters eat seeds, grains, leaves, and even insects. Let’s see what sorts of food they love most and how you can provide a proper diet.

A few guidelines

One of the most significant dangers when taking care of a hamster is to overfeed it. These small creatures are hoarders by nature, and they may hide a lot of food from you, just to make sure they have something to munch on later. That can lead to all sorts of problems. For starters, you may make your hamster obese, and that will impact on its health.

Another thing that can happen is that the hoarded food will be hidden under the bedding of their living space. There, it can become spoilt and rotten, and cause the hamster to fall ill before you can notice that there is something wrong.

The best advice you can get is to feed your hamster only a tablespoon of special pet food you can buy from the store. The combination of various foods is well balanced in such food, and it prevents the hamster from cherry picking only what it likes best. Prevent your pet from such bad habits by following these guidelines.


What kind of foods can you feed your pet hamster?

Fruits and veggies are an optimal choice for hamsters, but you must bear in mind that their little stomachs cannot digest a lot of this type of food without disturbing the functioning of the digestive system. In many cases, feeding your pet hamster with too many fruits and vegetables can cause diarrhea.

As far as proteins are concerned, a good thing would be to give your hamster a small treat once a week. You can give your pet little bites out of a hardboiled egg, or treat it to some mealworms.

What foods to stay away from?

Some foods are not that good for your hamster, although they may look like a wise choice. It is true that hamsters love carrots, but these are high in sugar. Another thing to bear in mind is that acidic fruits and veggies can cause an upset belly in the small creature.

You must make sure that the foods you feed your hamster are always fresh. Avoid foods that may cause problems to the hamster’s delicate cheek pouches. That means that no sticky foods should be allowed. Also, another thing to bear in mind is to avoid feeding your pet with highly nutritious seeds and nuts, as these may surpass the permitted caloric intake.


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