4 great photography tips


It doesn’t really matter you are a beginner, or if you have experience with the art of photography – this list if for anyone who wants to discover my favorite tips to improve photography sessions and to take your creativity to new heights. They will for sure help you snap better photos than if you didn’t use them.

Moreover, if your creations improve, it will automatically lead to an increase in your social media following, because Instagram users appreciate clean photography. And who knows, you might even start getting jobs as a photographer once you’ve made a name for yourself.

As a photographer myself, the first trick I had to learn to improve my photos was to use the Rule of Thirds, although I found it really annoying at the time. Now, to be completely honest, I could never take a compelling snap of a cool scenery or object without it.

It will allow you to create pieces that make people go “wow.” To use this rule, you’ll have to either enable the grid on your smartphone camera app or imagine that the scenery you’re looking at is divided into six equal squares. Then fit that image into those squares, so everything is aligned correctly and to ensure that each object is in line with the others.

Additionally, you can use one of the squares as the focal point, and all the other ones to highlight the chosen position. Everyone hates crooked photos. They just look like an amateur took them, and this rule is going to help you avoid that.

The next tip is something I use every time I go hiking, because the contrast of the natural world, I think, needs to be showcased. And the best way to do that is to use a polarizing filter. Filters can be purchased separately, and I recommend the circular one since it helps your camera avoid problems with auto-focusing or with light-metering.

It is especially important if the shot you want to take has a lot of reflective surfaces. A polarizing filter will reduce them, and it can offer a startling contrast. Photos taken with this type of filter will not go unnoticed.

The next thing I want you to try is to create a sense of depth in all of your art pieces. I am sure you’ve noticed that sometimes photos look flat and two dimensional. That is because you didn’t add more space dimensions. For example, when you create the background, put an object close to the lens and another one further away, so people will get the feeling they are in that room.

And lastly, my final trick is to experiment. Try different positions when you take a picture. Don’t just shoot an object from the same perspective, try many and choose the one you like the most. Add filters, and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas, no matter how crazy they are.

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